Swine-ifesto…It’s a Whole Pig Thing!

• Research the swine
• Listen to the experts
• Go with your gut; put your spin on the swine
• Have a plan
• Email-text-meet
• Discuss the swine

• Get the swine
• Get to know the swine
• Cut the swine
• Rub the swine
• Inject the swine
• Chill the swine

• Fire it up
• Check the temp
• Shred the swine
• Enjoy the swine

There are some basic rules to follow while anticipating, preparing and enjoying the swine:

• Might-could: “We might-could put some more rub on this shoulder.”
• Or-‘ta: “We or-‘ta get more beer.”
• Pecifically: “This swine is really good; pecifically, the loin.”
• Use “Y’all” loosely

• Keg beer is always a good plan; Start with Pappy; Stogies, yes, stogies

Southern-fried rock is a must: 
  Allman Brothers Band (Pecifically, start all swinefests with the instrumental “Jessica”)
  Marshall Tucker Band
  Zac Brown Band
  CCR, etc.
  Tom Petty’s “American Girl” and Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” should be peppered in at some point.

Swine Bros Pledge of Allegiance:

I pledge allegiance to The Swine Bros. of Mars, PA

And to the competition BBQ team for which it stands

One Team, Under Swine, Indivisible, with Swine and Brisket for all!

In swine we dine,

Swine Bros. BBQ