To all of our guests, we thank you for attending our Swinefests!  Our special awards go to:

Spring Swinefest 2011 MVP:  Given to the guest who displayed the most enthusiasm for the swine, appreciation of the flavor profiles and quantity of swine consumed Scott

Fall Swinefest 2011 MVP  Given the guest who added the most meat to the fest, displayed appreciation for the swine process and who is most "off the grid" Herm

Fall Swinefest 2011 VIP  Given to the guest who traveled the greatest distance to enjoy the swine and helped the Swine Bros. the entire time Reed 

Spring Competition 2012 MVP  Given to the team member who was a jack of all trades and a master of most; with little specific direction helped at every turn and delivered in the pinch Mikey

Spring Swinefest 2012 MVPs Given to fellow Swine Bros. for outstanding contribution, upstaging divine swine with succulent bovine...providing the worlds best brisket Greg & David (Honorable mention to Jack for enthusiasm, excitement and willingness to help prepare, cook and clean)

Spring Swinefest 2013 MVP  Given this year to the guest who spent an alarming amount of time cleaning up and doing dishes; out of the goodness of her heart: “Grammy

Spring Swinefest 2013 VIP  Given this year to a trio who supports the nonsense that is Swinefest and indulges the foolishness that comes along with it: The Wives

Spring Swinefest 2013 Special Awards  Most Enthusiastic – Given this year to a father-daughter combo who displayed enthusiasm for all parts of the swine, adoration for the brisket and over the top love for the BBQ sauce: Mark and ChristinaHonorable Mention – Goes to Brett for leaving work, driving 30 minutes for swine and bovine and driving 30 minutes back to work.

Spring Swinefest 2014 MVP - Joe

Spring Swinefest 2014 VIP - Grammy and Mike first ever 2 time award winners

Spring Swinefest 2014 Fun Bobby Award - Wind

Spring Swinefest 2014 Honorable Mention - "D" Family

Fall Swinefest 2014 MVP - Mark for making it happen (another 2 time award winner)

Fall Swinefest 2014 Prospect Award - Josh

Don't forget that every Swinefest is a "cheat day."